Dr. Ouyang Hui

2016-11-11    Hit:60     Information Sources:Grand Pharma

Dr. Ouyang Hui finished his Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry at University of Calgary. He was named in the Hundred Talent Plan of Hubei Province and the Huanghe Talent Plan of Wuhan city. Currently he serves as the General Manager of Hubei Grand Bio-tech Co., Ltd. and CSO of Biology of Grand Pharma Co., Ltd.

With years of working in pharmaceutical industry, he is very familiar with drug discovery research, especially in application of gene and protein project in bio-pharmaceutical research. In addition, he also joined in key procedures of drug design and discovery. He is professional in bio-chemistry field and has produced a biological method with two intermediate based on genetic engineering theory. He also led a variety of researches in antibiotic and anti-oncology discovery and applied 18 patents. His research has shed light on the signal conditioning in polymer formation process of HDAC6 and potential ligand of anti-oncology components. He independently discovered the fermentation of aminothiopropionic acid and citrulline. The fermentation of aminothiopropionic acid fills the emptiness in China and has been realized its industrialization in Grand Pharma.